Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday-- On the 7th Day!!!!!

I am going to share with you something that MOST of you use daily ( maybe not for school stuff) and that is PINTEREST!

Pinterest is a social Pin-board, in which “pinners” organize images, which link to websites, into different boards organized by themes.

Here are 5 good pinners
·         Shelly Terrell -- http://www.pinterest.com/shellyterrell/
She has 46 boards that focus on a variety of resources, including digital storytelling, presentation tools, word cloud tools, online games, graphic organizers and collaboration tools.

·         Eric Sheninger’s Twitter Resources Board - http://www.pinterest.com/esheninger/
His whole site is good but his twitter board includes tips for administrators and teachers.

·         Kristin Brynteson - http://www.pinterest.com/kbrynteson/
She has a couple of boards on Eduational Technology – ( and her food section is good also)  - ipad apps, interactive learning sites, flipped learning and collaborative and engaging educational resources.

Tons of boards here – happy looking!!!

·         Erin Klein - http://www.pinterest.com/erinklein/
She has TONS of educational boards and pins… her EduTech Resource board offers tips and tools and so much more!

Feel free to post pinners that you have found on my blog as comments for today’s tech tip

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