Monday, December 9, 2013

0n the 5th day..... is a web-based educational productivity tool. The types of products offered vary widely. Timelines, quizzes, and games are just a few of the products offered free of charge. Here is a website that gives you more info on the CLASS TOOLS - I have listed my favorite tools below:

  •  Venn Diagrams- Instant interactive Venn diagrams for your smart board.
  •  Post It – Upload an image or piece of text and add notes.
  •  Random Name/Word Picker- Do you find yourself picking the same students to answer questions? Simply input a class in order to randomly select people to answer questions or input a list of keywords and get students to quiz each other!
  • Countdown timer – This is a great behavior management tool. Use the timer to add pace and structure to your activities or lessons. You can even upload songs for the timer to countdown to, or choose a song from the list.
  • Arcade Game Generator – Create your own flash games/quizzes!

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