Thursday, December 12, 2013

on the 9th day .... let's do apps :-)

Let’s do APPS today J

Did you know that bville has about 200 tablets/ipads/chromebooks that use apps???

1)      Educreations –
 a free app that allows users to combing images, text and voice recordings in to a video presentation.  Look at all the examples on the site above

2)      Graphite -
Showed you this earlier but not the entire site – It helps Pre-K through 12th grade finde, use and share the best digital apps, games and websites for students

3)      Twine -
You create interactive stories and organize them graphically with a map that you rearrange as you work.  ( Be careful googling this program because there is a “flirting app” called twine also)

You create multiplayer learning games for up to four players and you can make them more or less challenging depending on the students. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday-- On the 7th Day!!!!!

I am going to share with you something that MOST of you use daily ( maybe not for school stuff) and that is PINTEREST!

Pinterest is a social Pin-board, in which “pinners” organize images, which link to websites, into different boards organized by themes.

Here are 5 good pinners
·         Shelly Terrell --
She has 46 boards that focus on a variety of resources, including digital storytelling, presentation tools, word cloud tools, online games, graphic organizers and collaboration tools.

·         Eric Sheninger’s Twitter Resources Board -
His whole site is good but his twitter board includes tips for administrators and teachers.

·         Kristin Brynteson -
She has a couple of boards on Eduational Technology – ( and her food section is good also)  - ipad apps, interactive learning sites, flipped learning and collaborative and engaging educational resources.

Tons of boards here – happy looking!!!

·         Erin Klein -
She has TONS of educational boards and pins… her EduTech Resource board offers tips and tools and so much more!

Feel free to post pinners that you have found on my blog as comments for today’s tech tip

Monday, December 9, 2013

on the 6th day.....

Day 6 - Today - lets show you some good websites in each curriculum area 
Language Arts

**Education World's Vocab-u-lous! -
Use Education World's Vocab-u-lous! feature to challenge your middle-grades and high-school students to build a fabulous vocabulary. Students will use their dictionaries to help them figure out which of nine challenging Word Bank words fits in each of the ten sentences on the Vocab-u-lous! activity sheet.  BUT don't just stop there -- look at this ENTIRE site - some good stuff here!

 **PBS Kids ZOOM playhouse -
list dozens of children's play scripts that can be printed and used in the classroom

**A collection of posters promote apprecitaion and understangin of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology and human culture. Pdocast inteveriws and more

**SEN Teacher provides free teaching and learning resources for students with special needs.  Also printables for math, science, literacy

**Energy Balance 101 - learn about the role that engergy balance can play in achieving an active healthy lifestye

**Simple Machines Game - helps students learn about the bacis physics principles involved in the use of levers, pulleys, planes, axles and wheels  -- this was HARD but fun..LOL

Social Studies and Geography'
**EarthTools is a free geography resource of world maps that lets viewers find out about the various aspects of a point on EArth

**MapStory - online tool that enables anyone around the globe to convey stories, arrayed across geography and as they unfold over time.

0n the 5th day..... is a web-based educational productivity tool. The types of products offered vary widely. Timelines, quizzes, and games are just a few of the products offered free of charge. Here is a website that gives you more info on the CLASS TOOLS - I have listed my favorite tools below:

  •  Venn Diagrams- Instant interactive Venn diagrams for your smart board.
  •  Post It – Upload an image or piece of text and add notes.
  •  Random Name/Word Picker- Do you find yourself picking the same students to answer questions? Simply input a class in order to randomly select people to answer questions or input a list of keywords and get students to quiz each other!
  • Countdown timer – This is a great behavior management tool. Use the timer to add pace and structure to your activities or lessons. You can even upload songs for the timer to countdown to, or choose a song from the list.
  • Arcade Game Generator – Create your own flash games/quizzes!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

SOOO many FREE tools at this site!  If you can’t find something to use from this page then you’re not looking J 

Free Tools ---   a list of about 20 tools for your classroom. I originally found this site for the MATH teachers and the graphic and worksheet capabilities but decided to link to the entire page because there are some WONDERFUL things on here for EVERY subject.