Thursday, December 12, 2013

on the 9th day .... let's do apps :-)

Let’s do APPS today J

Did you know that bville has about 200 tablets/ipads/chromebooks that use apps???

1)      Educreations –
 a free app that allows users to combing images, text and voice recordings in to a video presentation.  Look at all the examples on the site above

2)      Graphite -
Showed you this earlier but not the entire site – It helps Pre-K through 12th grade finde, use and share the best digital apps, games and websites for students

3)      Twine -
You create interactive stories and organize them graphically with a map that you rearrange as you work.  ( Be careful googling this program because there is a “flirting app” called twine also)

You create multiplayer learning games for up to four players and you can make them more or less challenging depending on the students. 

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